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04/04/2021 19:09:22 - World-class superstars
-> Suomeksi (Same in Finnish).

When we are the ABS managers of the last day, in our last friendly match
on April 4, 2021, all stars of Finland´s ABS World Cup XX will play.
I left the young stars in the default lineup, so they might be play on April 25.

Unfortunately, we did not get the ABS World Cup XX success that was hoped for.
It is time to let following managers try to bring Finland 1st World Cup gold.

The Finland ABS national team currently has several world-class superstars.

For example, several player who achieved skills 2*29+ or main skill
reached level 32++. The highest 2nd skill was 34+ and of course
so that at he same time the main skill was clearly over 26++.

In addition to these, there are special players such as wing defenders
and defensive strikers who thus have 2 main skills at a high level.

In the near future, the main skill in Finland ABS national team must be
at least 24+ and key players must continue training the main skill 25++.
04/04/2021 19:01:17 - Maailmanluokan supertähtiä
13/09/2020 19:01:32 - Exp. max 30, ABS players training?
13/09/2020 18:59:51 - Kok. 30, ABS pelaajan harjoittelu?
14/12/2016 16:17:24 - New generation players
12/02/2012 14:37:04 - The first line-up is set!
26/02/2011 17:51:27 - A-maajoukkueen valintakriteerit päivitys 26.2.2011
13/10/2009 11:33:57 - A-maajoukkueen valintakriteerit kaudelle 4
11/05/2009 14:05:28 - A-maajoukkueen valintakriteerit



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